Sunday, October 9, 2016

Plush Crush

Cozy, forgiving, timeless, and able to be dressed up or down...velvet is such a good way to bring a little luxe into your fall wardrobe. There are so many great options out there right now, from small accents, like shoes and belts, to full on velvet action in the form of frocks or suits. Personally, I like the subtle touch of a blazer with distressed denim or a pretty pleated midi paired with a cozy sweater or toughened up with a leather jacket.
Other options I'm loving to incorporate the look are herehere, and here!
Plush Crush

Monday, September 26, 2016

Falling So Hard

So far, autumn in Suburbia has been pretty spectacular. In all truthfulness, I have the full-on late pregnancy waddle going strong, but I still can't resist the siren call of a (painfully) slow stroll on a crisp fall day like today. If I could roll myself along just a little faster and, oh yeah, fit into said outfit, here's what you'd find me in!Falling So Hard

Monday, August 22, 2016

Baggy, Slouchy, and Sick

Why yes, that is a pretty accurate description of my current appearance here at about 33 weeks pregnant.
Although I've been daydreaming about the trends for the upcoming fall season (hello, velvet and lace!), the reality is that I'll be sporting elastic waists and button downs for the foreseeable future.
Luckily, the market is still flooded with pieces that can be put together to achieve maximum comfort (read: hide extra pounds and lumps and bumps) while still looking somewhat pulled together. Or at least one step above pajamas in public. Which is all I'm really striving for, to be honest.
So my fall formula is going to be as referenced above: baggy, slouchy (pants) + a pair of sick in, a pair of cool and comfortable shoes that I can force my swollen Lego-person feet into. Above the waist will be simply accessorized with a chunky little newborn!
Baggy, Slouchy, and Sick

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Peppy & Preppy

Preppy style is so ubiquitous in Sububia that I often find myself eschewing it, just for want of something a bit different. This little skirt, however, is just too cute to pass up.
Paired with something simple (tank) and something fierce (animal print), we can even give it a glimmer of a wild side too.Peppy & Preppy

Friday, May 13, 2016

Beach-Bound Bargains

An easy nautical-inspired look...the best part? Every item rings in under $50!
(My favorite...the chic gold and rope flipflops for $5.99!)

Beach-Bound Bargains

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Getting Inked

No, no, I don't have any tattoos, nor am I planning to get one. But I did stumble upon an idea that that I found to be so charming I just had to share.
I've always been a sucker for fashion illustrations, a la Garance Dore and Bil DonovanIt's completely amazing to me how these artists can capture a mood and style in just a few strokes of a pen.
So imagine how enchanted I was to learn that you can order a custom original family portrait by Martha Napier of Marnani Design. Her work is so colorful and whimsical:

With Mother's Day approaching, I think this would be just the sort of unique and thoughtful gift that you oh-so-stylish moms would wish for...I know I am! (Find her here for more information.)

And in other news, the day to day suburban uniform of late has been white denim (because its springtime, dammit!), a slouchy sweater (because its freezing, dammit!), and rubber boots (because its muddy, dammit!). Looking forward to shedding pounds layers soon...Getting Inked