Thursday, April 7, 2016

Getting Inked

No, no, I don't have any tattoos, nor am I planning to get one. But I did stumble upon an idea that that I found to be so charming I just had to share.
I've always been a sucker for fashion illustrations, a la Garance Dore and Bil DonovanIt's completely amazing to me how these artists can capture a mood and style in just a few strokes of a pen.
So imagine how enchanted I was to learn that you can order a custom original family portrait by Martha Napier of Marnani Design. Her work is so colorful and whimsical:

With Mother's Day approaching, I think this would be just the sort of unique and thoughtful gift that you oh-so-stylish moms would wish for...I know I am! (Find her here for more information.)

And in other news, the day to day suburban uniform of late has been white denim (because its springtime, dammit!), a slouchy sweater (because its freezing, dammit!), and rubber boots (because its muddy, dammit!). Looking forward to shedding pounds layers soon...Getting Inked

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