Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Do Not Disturb

I'm pretty sure that the most romantic gift my husband could give me this Valentine's Day is the gift of sleep. I'm also pretty sure he'd say that's number one on his wishlist as well. (Too bad he's the one who has to get up for the early (as in, butt-crack of dawn, before the sun-is-up early) hockey game). Actually, if I'm being honest, he's the first one up and out of the house every day. Perhaps our kids need to gift both of us with an early bedtime...
Needless to say, sleep is the one thing in short supply around here, and the fact that Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday means that some of us can try to wheedle a little extra snooze time over the weekend. Love Advil PM is in the air...Do Not Disturb

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