Tuesday, November 24, 2015

No Leggings on the Thanksgiving Menu

By no means has my family ever stood on formality. My husband might actually hold the world record for the most casually attired male on the planet in the universe.
However, I do think Thanksgiving is a holiday that calls for a little bit of elegance in the ensemble. While we all want to be comfortable, many of us are (hopefully) enjoying the company of our favorite and our best people in our lives. I think that calls for something special - at the very least on top. In fact, my go-to casual chic ensemble usually involves a fancy blouse and my most comfortable broken in denim. Add a great shoe and I'm good to go (heels if I'm a guest, cute flats if I've got hosting duties.)  Pretty effortless, but still conveys that the occasion, and - especially - your company, is important.
This year I have more to be grateful for than I really deserve, and I'm so looking forward to the company of my family who will be making the trek out to Suburbia! We will be missing and thinking of those who can't be here, but I'm happy they have much to be celebrating (new baby! new home!) in their own little corners of the world. (I'd also like to request photo evidence that they are not wearing leggings to their respective Thanksgiving dinners, and we will review at Christmas.)
No Leggings on the Thanksgiving Menu

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