Monday, November 23, 2015

Foul Weather Fair Isle

Fair Isle sweaters are a classic for many, and have been making a particular comeback this season. I have to admit that to date, I've resisted getting back on the Fair Isle express.
It does conjure up memories of my childhood interpretation of The Official Preppy Handbook, which involved layers upon layers of turtlenecks, oxford cloth shirts, and Fair Isle sweaters. All of which I'm certain that I stole from my sister, so at least I wasn't the only one sporting that look...I just wish someone had explained to us that the book was satirical, not instructional.
Maybe this time around is a chance to do it a little better. I'm finding myself drawn to the colors of the Fair Isle as a break from the stacks of neutral sweaters in rotation. I'm liking it a bit shrunken - oversized can look matronly, or worse: like waifish fourth grader with a bad haircut circa 1984 (see confession above).
Here's how I'd sport it, for a chalet-chic casual day or a cozy night out:
Foul Weather Fair Isle

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