Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cashmere Is My Kryptonite

Honestly. And while I can't call it a healthy addiction, I can defend it all day long.
Aren't we always looking for those pieces that can go from every day to night out, without missing a beat? Sometimes I wonder if I should just buy a little herd of cashmere goats - you know, just two or three - but I'm not sure they'd appreciate the winters here in Suburbia after I've run off with all their coats.
So I'll stick to ready-to-wear for now, and here's why you really ought to get some too***, if you haven't already: it adds a dose of luxury to EVERY. DARN. THING in your closet. But it does so with a whisper, not a shout.
For instance, a simple cashmere sweater + jogging pants + a sleek pair of trainers...casual and comfortable as it comes, yet still manages to look put together. Layer a utility jacket over and all you soccer/lacrosse/football/hockey moms will lend some style to the cheering section.
Then let's say later that evening you have a formal event. Pair that simple cashmere sweater with a chic embellished skirt or a sweeping floor length number, and you have yourself an easy, elegant look.
I think that's what I love best about a cashmere sweater -  it elevates a casual look, tempers a formal look, and works with everything in between!
What's not always loved is the price tag, but great cashmere CAN be found at reasonable prices. I have great luck at sources like this, thisthis, and this. Shopping for it off-season can uncover some great deals for you as well. I think every wardrobe would be well served by having at least a black, ivory, and grey cashmere crewneck, so those are the basics I would advise you to stock up on first if you don't already have them. And unlike lambs wool, they don't need to be dry-cleaned. As a matter of fact, I just put mine in the cold/gentle cycle of my washing machine, with a few drops of Ivory Snow or Dreft (or another gentle detergent like The Laundress), then let them air dry...I swear they just get softer every time!

***Suburban Editorial assumes no liability for any habit-forming acquisitions of cashmere.
Cashmere Is My Kryptonite

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