Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Perfect Storm

Not to be Debby Downer or anything, but guess what Suburbia has to look forward to, once all this 9 billion metric tons of snow has melted? Rain! Puddles! Mud!
Now, I love a good trench coat, and I think it is an item that every woman would do well to have in her wardrobe. But picture yourself standing in the school pickup line, or on some sort of playing field in early April, and there is a monsoon-level downpour coming down around you. What you need then  is straight up rain gear.
The only problem (other that having to be standing in the rain) is that raincoats have such outfit-ruining tendencies!
I think, friends, that we should consider adding a fail-safe, utilitarian but oh-so-cute raincoat to our rotations STAT...maybe a little something like this:
A Perfect Storm

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