Thursday, February 26, 2015

Off the Cuff and Off the Shoulder

Some things I'm into these days, and some (very) random musings....
Nothing super different coming out of the FW15 shows...pretty, for sure, but nothing new I feel I need to add to my rotation at the moment. More on this down the road.
Snowy Suburbia continues to be pretty boring this time of year.  Hence me watching American Idol on the regular. Does that make me very uncool? (One of many things, you're probably saying). Anyway, last night Jennifer Lopez was wearing the most perfect shade of red lipstick...I must track it down. Because let's be honest, it's really the only thing standing in the way of me looking exactly like JLo. Does anyone have her number? 
In marginally related news, I find it totally amusing that Keith Urban seems to know every single word to every single song sung by contestants, even all the pop songs. Aaaaand this is officially the lamest blog post ever written by anyone in the history of blogs. Let's wrap this mess up quick.
My final declaration is that I am officially sick of everything in my closet. I'm thinking its time to integrate some of the warmer weather pieces I have put away, maybe something like this:
Off the Cuff and Off the Shoulder

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