Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fringe: Binge or Cringe?

An emerging (re emerging) trend of late happens to be something that can be a bit polarizing on the sartorial scale: fringe. This time around at least, I find myself on Team Fringe.
It should be noted that it is a far cry from flapper costume or the dreadlocks and Birkenstocks set. Instead, it is actually cropping up in the most sophisticated of ways, and adds an easy, but vibrant element to an otherwise basic ensemble. It makes me wonder if all designers tune in to Project Runway, because last season, winner Sean Kelly presented a collection based largely upon fringe, and it was beyond gorgeous. (I mean, how show-stopping is this dress? Or this? Or this?) And now we're seeing fringe everywhere.
Fringe can be a great textural punctuation, and it can be done in a subtle way. Here's an idea of how I would make it work (Trademark Tim Gunn!):
Fringe: Binge or Cringe?

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