Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Black Magic

A belated Happy New Year to my tens of readers! I hope you are all experiencing a happy and peaceful start to the year. I've been oddly productive thus far in 2015, although maybe not as far as blog posts are concerned.
Suburbia is currently experiencing some extreme and - to me, anyway - offensive cold weather. The kind that prompts officials do things like cancel or delay school openings, and broadcast dire warnings to the citizens. At some point though, we'll all have to brave the cold. How should we do this without looking like this guy?
Call on a hero piece, that's how. One item I tell all my clients to invest in is a pair of slim black denim, cropped at or just above the ankle. It is endlessly flattering on every body type, it can be styled up or dressed down, it can be worn in any season, it can be paired with almost anything, and can be found at any price point. Are you convinced yet? I like the versions here, here, here, and here. Skinny, structured, but with some stretch.
Now add this magic element to all those millions of layers that you must pile on, and somehow you still look like you have a shape under there. Tuck it into your warmest boots and off you go. We'll discuss how to pair it with your warm weather clothing...if we ever again see warm weather in these parts.
Black Magic

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