Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Because I Like You

Sure, every other style blogger is posting gift guides now that the holiday season is in full swing. And those gift guides are helpful (usually) or at least a great opportunity to ogle pretty things...
But I'm here with a quick little tip that will save you time and money, while simultaneously making you a just a bit more beautiful (not that you need it!)
I'm talking manicures, ladies. Personally, a manicure is always pretty far down on my to-do list. I've never been attracted to crazy dramatic "trends" when it comes to nails, and I think short, neat, and classic is the way to go.
However, party season makes manicures more of a necessity - I mean, you don't want that champagne glass to outshine the hand that holds it, right? The downside for me is that I get major ants in my pants at the nail salon - who wants to be sitting there waiting for nails to dry when one should be out making merry? Or spreading cheer? Or, more likely, shopping? And then of course I end up smudging or chipping the polish the very minute I leave the salon. So there you have it: a waste of time and money.
I know that getting a gel manicure solves the problem of immediate wear and tear, but I'm not really on board with that procedure. I get bored with the same color after a few days, so I like being able to just remove it myself instead of making yet another trip back to have it removed. Not to mention the exposure to all that UV lighting really can't be that great for you, and I'm far too young to have age spots on my hands! (I probably totally have age spots on my hands, but whatever.)
So that was a very long-winded intro to my solution...there's a new-ish product on the market right now by Sally Hansen called "Miracle Gel" and it's available at CVS, Target, Walmart, and probably other such retailers. It gives the effect of a gel manicure but can be removed easily with nail polish remover. The trick is to go out and get a regular salon manicure, and then come home to later add the Miracle Gel top coat to it. I did this a week ago, and my manicure has not a single nick or scratch. Miracle Gel, indeed. Because I Like You

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