Monday, October 20, 2014

Chic Around the Rink

Chic around the rink? Well, yes, that is a bit of an oxymoron. And there's no denying that there aren't a great deal of fashion moments happening in most hockey rinks, although I will say that Patrice Bergeron knows how to wear a well-cut suit...but I digress.

Here in Suburbia, it is officially hockey season, and what that means for us parents who have kids that play hockey is a hell of a lot of time spent in a hockey rink. So why not spend a bit of time thinking about how to dress accordingly? I mean, we can all throw on a big parka and call it a day, but why not add a bit of style?

I have observed that youth hockey rinks all seem to have a few things in common: they are generally decrepit, they have hideous fluorescent lighting, they usually have a borderline disturbing (health hazardous?) stench, and oh yes - they are FREEZING. I have nothing to offer on the conditions of the rink, be it the odor or the decaying walls...other than they could use a good Do-Ovah. But I can make a few simple sartorial suggestions that might make your time spent there a little more comfortable and a lot more stylish!

Lets start at the top: obviously you'll want a hat. Not only will it cover up the bedhead you are sporting because you are up at an ungodly hour, but it is a good way to offset the pallor inflicted by those gross fluorescent lights. So get a cute slouchy beanie in a color that enhances your skin tone.
If you are an I-never-ever-wear-hats kind of gal, well...then go for a large cashmere scarf that you can wind around your neck several times, again in a flattering color. Bonus: it can also be worn over your nose to muffle the smell of the rink and the smell of your hockey player on the way home.

As far as pants go, I consciously try to not wear denim to the rink very often. Unless it is - again - super early, and they happen to be the last thing I took off the night before and are the closest thing to grab on the way out (it happens!). Otherwise, I prefer a slim cut track/athletic pant or a pair of cords. Some rinks have metal seating, and I promise you that denim plus frozen metal seats will give you the kind of thrill that you really won't appreciate.

For footwear, boots are the obvious choice, but I definitely recommend something with a flat rubber or lug sole. I have seen more than one person slip and fall on the aforementioned metal bleacher seats and that is NOT glamorous. Besides, there are so many cute options when it comes to flat boots: ankle, mid, or knee high all look great.

The main event clearly must be the coat. It must be practical. It must be warm. So here are my general rules of thumb for this item: make sure it has a bit of a waist, and that it fits well through the shoulders. Then you won't lose all sense of your proportions. Lastly, I recommend it be hip length or longer (to risk beating a dead horse: oh those frozen metal seats...).

Beneath the coat you can pretty much get away with wearing Wonder Woman Underoos, your ugliest pajamas, or anything in between, because its unlikely you'll be unzipping. But I recommend a cashmere sweater: warm, comfortable, itch-free and breathable. Plus what's more comfortable than a cashmere sweater and a pair of trackpants or cords? Maybe only this, but you might already be wearing those Underoos...

Chic Around the Rink

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