Monday, June 9, 2014

Head Case

By now I think it may just be easier to change the size and shape of my head than to find a hat that looks good on me. Which is a huge bummer, because I am ALL about the idea of a fedora parked low over my brow, paired with some oversize sunglasses. It's lazy and low-maintenance disguised as cool!
...I just can't pull it off. I feel so...conspicuous, which is the complete opposite intention, and the reason why the hat invariably ends up squashed at the bottom of the beach bag.
I'd love to know what you guys think of such head gear - do you roll your eyes, thinking "poser" , or do you say "Carmen Sandiego lives in here Suburbia?? I wonder if I should call the CIA? And where did she get that hat?"
So if I ever follow through with that head-reassignment surgery, here's how I'll style my new hat:

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