Saturday, May 10, 2014

You Want Me to Wear WHAT??!

I've tried to ignore the alarming trend of "ugly-chic" this spring...but really, its gotten to the point where I find it insulting. I'm not sure why I am seeing so many fashion editorials and bloggers embrace these altogether unflattering and frumpy choices. To then try to turn around and sell it to us normal women is just so offensive to me!

Let's start with overalls. Now, I'm the first to admit overalls look absolutely adorable...if you happen to look like this . But WHO is it that is paying $2,200 for a garment that make you look like a giant rectangle????
***Update: this article popped up just as I was typing my little anti-overall diatribe, so perhaps I am in the minority with my overalls opinion. I stand by it though. While Olivia P. and Alexa Chung admittedly do look cute, I must remind you that while they are both stunning women, they also happen to be extremely thin and angular and are the rare exceptions to the rule. And furthermore- they'd still look better without the bib over their chests.

Next on my list is a little controversial, because I know that we all appreciate comfortable shoes, and we don't run around in heels all the time. I personally am not drawn to Birkenstocks and Dansko clogs, but again, that is just my personal aesthetic. If you wear them then I will only silently judge you (kidding!). If you are one to buy into this trend, I recommend you stick with the classic Birks and not splash out on designer orthopedics like these.

And don't even get me started on the bomber jacket trend! Whyyyyyyy would one wear an item that can only make you look wide and shapeless? Exhibit A, B, and C.  Come on, ladies. There are so many better options to choose from.

Here's a casual approach that embraces both comfort AND style. That is the intersection where we all want to be found. See you there!

"Not trying too hard" by enannene on Polyvore

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